This just happened and now I can die happy

  • Phone Scammer: "Sir I'm calling from microsoft, your windows computer is badly corrupted"
  • Me: "Oh. Really. I had no idea. Which one?"
  • Phone Scammer: "Your... windows one."
  • Me: "I own multiple windows computers, so you'll have to be more specific."
  • Phone Scammer: "The windows computer. Like XP. Or 7. Or 8."
  • Me: "Again, multiple. Do you have an identifier for it? Perhaps a current IP or a MAC address?"
  • Phone Scammer: "No, it's not a mac, it's a windows."
  • Me: "...Riiiiight. Gotcha. Then do you have a serial number for it?"
  • Phone Scammer: "Oh. Yes. The serial number is... um... 888DC8-116F0F-18C-1FC8-1C5C07."
  • Me: "...right. That's funny, see, because I built all the computers in my house right now. So they don't really have serial numbers. They didn't come from a factory. Unless that's the serial of the motherboard or something."
  • Phone Scammer: "No we don't have that information. But if you're not interested, that's fine."
  • Me: "No! I'm VERY interested. Please tell me more about this nonspecific corruption you know about."
  • Me: "Hello?"
  • Me: "Are you still there?"

A long road awaits our roleplay group.

From Left-to-Right, Top-to-Bottom:

Lady Alva of Highwatch,
Belar Duran of Blackwood,
Mirran Reiya of Highwatch,
Geb Reder of Dorman,
Isaac Kinech,
Kanette Yrvena of Dorman,
Ritna Grimhildr of the Drengr Fyrir,
and Salastria of the Acrid Smoke.

continuing a wip idle for a robot

Working my way up solving issues

I’m serious was there a memo I missed on ‘how to be happy’ or something

Roleplay splash screen

  • GM: "The bro-bot pulls out a shotgun and shoots at you."

Our party visits a fair with a fortune teller machine

  • Ork Necromancer: "We need to find the culprit."
  • Gnome Techpriest: "I suspect Zoltar."
  • GM: "You enter the atrium."
  • Tau Priest: "Wait, like what size is this? Main hall or like, a gazebo?"
  • Ork Necromancer: "Are gazebos allowed in the future?"
  • Human Riflemancer: "um ...ALLOWED?"

Ok other than her right arm, this is the motion I want. so time to fix that arm, fix line jiggle, then draw the final copy.

Space adventures

  • Me: But what if I don't want to cry myself to sleep
  • Universe: Too bad ha ha

Slowly lowering myself into a well and hiding there foreverĀ 

It is time for humanity to unite against a common enemy


Adventures in space

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