The final frontier

I’m the worst

Why Why Why Why Why

Why Why Why Why Why Why Why 

Why Why Why Why Why

My crushes come in two varieties: Hopeless and Extra-Hopeless

more like dfabulous amirite

Yesterday we killed like 30 orcs. You should have been there.

  • Xymostech: "There are no discriminatory laws or policies against women, while there are many against men" -- Men's Rights Movement Blog
  • Icarusplus: "[Citation Needed]"
  • Xymostech: They have facts!
  • Xymostech: They're just not saying any of them.
  • Xymostech: They're uh, secret facts.

I should probably note Avelyn is a huge lurker and won’t be participating in conversations unless she has to! But she reads everything!

Some fun facts about Avelyn Ashworth:

  • She loves taking pictures, especially of other people, super especially if they don’t notice.
  • Unfortunately she also is very bad at it and has a habit of taking pictures at horrific skew angles and with terrible exposure.
  • She once left the lens cap on for a week without noticing.
  • Avelyn is very self-conscious and prefers to be ignored. Needless to say she doesn’t hold herself in high regard.
  • That being said she’s very happy in general! She likes herself, she just… doesn’t think of herself as being a peer with anyone.
  • If she had her way Night’s Edge’s BBS would become some sort of strange instagram.
  • She wears more eyeshadow than strictly necessary.
The world’s most forced smile

The world’s most forced smile

Spent all day chasing a bug that didn’t even exist

When you want someone to help you with code but your code is too atrocious for anyone to ever see

Update: dog fell 90 ft and died :c

And now we’re deciding if we kill a dog to consume limited resources. AH MORAL QUANDARIES HOW I MISSED YOU

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