Slowly lowering myself into a well and hiding there forever 

It is time for humanity to unite against a common enemy


Adventures in space

  • John: Huh. There's a light on my keyboard that I don't recognize. What is this?
  • John: It's not num-lock... it's not caps-lock...
  • Me: Maybe it's nuzlocke.
  • John: ...
  • Me: Come on, that was good.

Lantha, the First Wanderer

tfw you have an incredibly precious OC you haven’t done anything with and nobody else can share those feels

I’m always so confused when new people follow me, especially when I haven’t been posting.

I mean??? I’m barely even a person why are you going to have me clutter up your dash???



My friend made a thing. Consider helping out. 

My friend made a thing and I drew pretty banners for it!

It’s a box that flashes lights along with your music and it’s actually super neat - I’ve seen his prototype in person, and we played Crypt of the Necrodancer with the lights flashing! It was super cool!

Quick doodle

This might end up being helvetica’s actual sprite

The final frontier

I’m the worst

Why Why Why Why Why

Why Why Why Why Why Why Why 

Why Why Why Why Why

My crushes come in two varieties: Hopeless and Extra-Hopeless

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