Fite Nite Stream

Hey you!

Your favorite person-you-followed-on-tumblr-and-then-forgot-about-because-you’re-too-lazy-to-unfollow-them is going to be streaming Skullgirls (A very very good fighting game!) matches with some friends Tuesday at 6:00pm MST (Wednesday at 12am GMT)! 

(World Time Buddy Link for the times:

Expect debatably witty banter, impassioned talk about video game tropes, numerous uses of the word ‘hartborken’ (A perversion of ‘heartbroken’ — don’t ask.), and general lamenting of ‘dem resets’.

We’re solidly in the intermediate bracket, so while we’re not complete fledgelings, we still have a lot to learn, so if you’re a professional at this game, you can assume it will be painful. (Whereas if you have never played a fighting game we will look like we’re competent).

"But Icarusplus," you say, "I’m not really interested and frankly i’ve found reading this a bit difficult!"

To which my response is: “Aha! That’s what I thought you’d say! It’s okay! Carry on your merry life and ignore me!”

  • Oh No <3s Maxie!: Murder
  • Scootaloo: ?
  • Scootaloo: what
  • Scootaloo: yo
  • Scootaloo: what
  • Oh No <3s Maxie!: THE CALL IS COMING FROM
  • Oh No <3s Maxie!: ...
  • Oh No <3s Maxie!: ...
  • Oh No <3s Maxie!: ...
  • Oh No <3s Maxie!: INSIDE
  • Oh No <3s Maxie!: THE HOUSE
  • Scootaloo: what
  • Scootaloo: are you even talking about
  • Oh No <3s Maxie!: I saw you online and said murder
  • Oh No <3s Maxie!: That was literally it I'm sorry senpai
  • Scootaloo: dont apologise, just use normal words to start conversations, like hey, or whats up
  • Oh No <3s Maxie!: no